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In the person of Jesus, God created a space where all belong so that all may believe that all are the beloved. We believe that it is only through the act of belonging that the experience of becoming is possible. As Richard Rohr tells us, the experience of love is the engine of change. We believe that to be true and our prayer is that your experience at The Table will leave you just as convinced as we are. 



We are formed and found in the life of Jesus, the Son of Love who came to show humanity what God is like. In him and with him, together we are committed to practicing the ways of Jesus both individually and as a community.The ways of Jesus lead to holistic healing for individuals, families, neighborhoods, and nations; they pull each of us down the narrow roads of limitless forgiveness, radical acceptance, non-violent peacemaking, abundant generosity, and sacrificial love. 

Radically Inclusive

In an effort to replicate the radical inclusivity of Jesus, at The Table we enthusiastically welcome all persons to fully participate in the life of our community without limitation or restriction based on gender, race, ethnicity, age, physical or mental capacity, education, sexual orientation, gender identity and socioeconomic or marital status. To be explicitly clear, as we are aware of the angst that can come with any ambiguity: beyond “welcoming” or “allowing”, we as a church collectively affirm and celebrate our LGBTQ brothers, sisters, and cousins, recognizing that we need one another in order for us to become the beloved community that Christ has called us to be. 

Justice Driven

With the prophets of Israel like Amos and Isaiah, as well as the prophets of the modern world like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dorothy Day, we are committed to loving our neighbors well by caring for both their personal stories and the public systems that they exist inside of. We are convinced that God’s dream is to see all human beings treated with the dignity that reflects their being made in the image and likeness of God. To that end, our commitment as a community is to partner with God in seeing this dream come to fruition. 

Culturally Engaged 

As followers of Jesus who have been asked to prioritize the needs of our neighbors above our own, withdrawing from the realities that shape our lives isn't an option for us. So long as we live in a democracy, each of us as individuals and as a community has agency and a responsibility for the stewardship of our neighbors. At The Table, we are committed to cultivating informed allies and advocates who are equipped to join God in the urgent work of transforming society.

Unapologetically Human

In the life of Jesus, we encounter One who was always honest, self-disclosing, and fully present with friends, strangers, and even enemies at times. Jesus’ willingness to show up as He was inspires us to do the same. As tempting as it is decorate and edit ourselves in front of one another, we know that we can’t fake our way into becoming who we’ve been born to be. While people are attracted to the gifts that make others strong, they are healed by the hurts that make them human. In the same way that the resurrected Christ led with His scars, we believe that transparency is a pre-requisite for transformation and we are committed to living honestly before God and one another. 


Christianity is inevitably communal. We believe that Jesus didn’t come to write a book or start a religion, but to start a community that would bear witness to his presence and work in all of life. To cling to Christ is to cling to His people. Therefore, we value community as intrinsic to the life of faith. 

Tangible Care and Hospitality

In both funerals and birthday parties; support groups and prayer huddles; we are committed to tangibly caring for one another as we walk together through the joys and sorrows of life.