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Our Vision

The Table is a community that practices the ways of Jesus by creating space for all to belong and be loved


Upcoming Events


cultural competency: a deeper dive
november 14-December 5, 2017

The person who is culturally competent is the person who has an awareness of one's own cultural identity and views about difference, and the ability to learn and build on the varying cultural and community norms of others. At The Table MPLS, we are convinced that much of the societal problems that we are witnessing today are here because culturally competent people are not. Lets do something about this together.

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mississippi river clean up
november 25, 2017

Join your friends and family at The Table, as together we work to clean up the Mississippi River Bottoms before it (and all of the trash on it) gets buried in the snow of winter.

If you have any questions about this event, contact Jerome Bergquist at 720.301.2321

not in our city 5k
december 9, 2017

We are inviting you to take one step forward to support local organizations who are working around the clock to make an impact on human trafficking. We’re grateful for the brave leaders at Cornerstone, Breaking Free, Source, Men as Peacemakers and The Link. They continue to build upon the foundation with their expertise and grit to make a long term change here in the Twin Cities. 

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At the center of our story here at The Table is the belief that belonging begets becoming. To be known is to be loved and to be loved is to be known, as the poet Amena Brown once wrote. We strive to be a place where strangers turn into friends and friends into family.