Serve at The Table

As we step into our first year as a new spiritual community in South Minneapolis, we're going to need all hands on deck. While we celebrate the diversity of gifts and passions that exist in our community and desire to see people contributing to this community in their sweet spot, we also know that there are things that still need to get done. The needs below are a few of them.


Kids Team

The Kids Team is where the action happens at The Table. With babies as young as a few weeks old and kids as old as 5, our aim at The Table is to ensure that our children feel like they are being celebrated and seen as integral parts of who we are. The Kids Team is responsible for making sure that this happens. Every Sunday night we need at least two adults to hang out with our older kids and at least two adults to hang out with the babies in the nursery. As an adult in one of these spaces, you are responsible for teaching and taking care of these kids, as well as ensuring that they have a good time together. If you love kids (and are capable of passing a basic background check), let us know!


Worship Tech Team

The Worship Tech Team works together to create an immersive worship experience. We serve a God who is limitless in creativity, so we want to create a place for our church to gather and worship freely. Faders are moved, buttons are pushed, slides are slid, and cameras are faithfully adjusted so that the whole evening can be the gift to our community that we intend on it being.


Hospitality Team

Our Hospitality Team is responsible for doing everything in their power to ensure that everybody who comes to The Table experiences a warm welcome from the moment they park their car until the moment they take a seat in the service. On this team, we are looking for people to hold the door in the parking lot, attend the guest table, and help set-up before the service and tear down when the night comes to an end.