Together in This

In the 2nd chapter of Acts, out of all of the metaphorical images that the writer Luke could have put into play to describe the first Church, Luke says that "they were like a family", which says plenty to us. For each of us who have grown up inside of a family, we are well aware that family life isn't always friendly, nor is it always fun; there can be disfunction, disagreement, and disappointment inside of a family. There also, however, can be acceptance as we are, love with no strings attached, and a place to be truly known by another. To be "like a family" is to take on the holy and the heavy work of carrying and being carried by our sisters and brothers next to us. Through life's blessings and bruises, the baptisms and the burials, we are the many who have chosen to walk out our days as one. Because we are "like a family."

“The original message of Christianity wasn’t to lift up our hands and sing Hillsong, nor was it to speak in tongues when you pray. The debut word that we received was to sit with a friend in pain, and party with a friend in promotion. It was to be for one another as Christ was first for us.”
— Matt Moberg

Joining The Table Family

At The Table MPLS, we understand membership not to be an invitation into an institution or a club, but rather to join a family. 

The Table Family aims to have the same characteristics that all healthy families hold:

  • to be a place of shelter, fun, rest, and nourishment

  • to be a place where one is challenged to develop, grow, and learn

  • to be a place where we are always making room at the table for our guests and new family members as they arrive

In The Table Family, we ask all who are pursuing membership to commit to four vital things that ensure the health, wellbeing, and wholeness of our community:


Rather than The Table being a place of consumption, we aspire for it to be a place of co-creation. We believe that the Spirit speaks to and through each of us, and so it is imperative that we hear what you have heard. What can we do together for the betterment of the world that we inhabit? What are your dreams for this family? Each of us bring unique gifts and ideas to The Table. How can we combine each of our thoughts, talents, and desires for the common good?


Every family has needs. There are bills to pay. Food needs to be put on the table. There are things to be done around the house. How can we each invest in our community with our time, our energy, and our money? We believe God has provided enough to satisfy these needs within our community. God has blessed us uniquely so it may look different for each of us, but it only works if we all do our part.


To be all that we believe that God has called us into, we need to be a people who are committed to going all the way on behalf of our brothers and sisters. Our ask for all members is that you would be committed to centering your stories on the person and practices of Jesus, whose life for others leads us to live our lives for others as well. As spiritual beings, how we evolve and expand in our faith as individuals directly impacts how we evolve and expand into the image of Christ as a community. Our ask in this family is that you are committed to your spirituality with sincerity and to serving your neighbor with an embodied and active solidarity. 


Who is on the outside looking in? Who would benefit from being invited into our family? The world is filled with millions people looking for a tribe, a group, and a place to call home. Because of the unique social circles that you occupy, you are in the perfect place to invite someone along with you to explore what life could be like for them in this family. 

So what now?

If you are willing to commit to these four things, the next step would be for us to sit down together and swap stories. We'd ask that you would fill out the form below and one of our board members will be in touch with you shortly afterwards. 

If you have more questions that you'd like to ask before you can commit to this family, check the box below that says so and we'd be more than happy to sit down and talk through them with you in the near future. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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