Dear Table Community,

A little over two years ago, a group of us set out to create space for people who had struggled to find any in the church, ourselves included in that lot. While there were no blueprints for us to follow nor programs to copy and paste, we said yes knowing little of what that yes would mean. We were confident in what the Spirit had called us to be: a community, committed to practicing the ways of Jesus by creating space for all to belong, be loved, and be love. Under the leadership of our pastors, Debbie Manning and Matt Moberg, and the diversity of gifted leaders that make this house the home that it is, we’ve seen these words become flesh and we’ve all grown wider because of it. As we step into our third season together, we’re excited for what’s still to come and where we’re trying to go, even as we know that it’ll take some heavy lifting to get there. 

In the same way that our story began its pursuit after sensing the Spirit’s pull, during this past year, we’ve felt that same tug again, and again we’re saying yes. Beginning on the first of October, Debbie Manning will be shifting from her present part-time role in our church to a full-time position instead. In doing so, she will be equipped with the capacity to more fully invest her time and energy into our growing community and the needs that are embedded and evolving inside of it. This is a game changer for us—and far outside of the normal path that churches of our size and age tend to walk. Nonetheless, we’re walking it. In light of who Debbie is and who we’re becoming, we’re convinced that this is the next critical step that we need to take in our journey, and we are confident that we have the community to pull it off.

Since day one, our people have generously poured in their time and finances to see this movement unfold. Now more than ever before, we are counting on the character of this community to take us where we need to go next. With Debbie moving from part-time to full-time, and the exciting challenge to provide for the needs of the steadily increasing number of kids in our community, we have projected a need to increase our income by 15% (roughly $30k) for our 2019-20 season.

We don’t take this move lightly, and so we need to make our ask directly:

  • If you are one of the 41 currently recurring givers, our ask is that you’d consider raising your gift by 15%.

  • If you are a sporadic giver, our ask is that you’d consider becoming one of our recurring givers, thus enabling us to better build our budget for the future.

  • If you are someone in a position to offer up a larger one-time gift (be it cash or some other asset), please consider this season as an ideal time to do so.

Through early mornings in prayer and long nights in conversations, we work hard as a board to steward well the gifts that you give. As we celebrate all of the life that the God of Love has already done in and through this community in two years, we are asking that you’d join us—be it through financial gifts or volunteer hours, as we faithfully walk towards where this Love is leading us next. 

Together in This,

The Board of The Table MPLS

Jonathan Keller, President

Rachel Garton, Vice President

Jake Schmiesing, Treasurer

Julie Eide, Secretary

Mark Hirschfeld

Molly Hough

Jen Karlen

Patti Kratzer

Emily Trappey

Jonah Venegas