Advisory Board Nominations

For the first 2 years of our life together at The Table, our community has been loved and led by 8 community leaders who have selflessly and consistently given of themselves so that we might be where we are today. Our founding Advisory Board, who has been responsible with the strategic direction of The Table and the business affairs that have taken place, have brought us to a position of strength where we are not even a full two years into this venture and yet we are already close to being fully self-sustaining, and just as excited about this work as when we first began. 

Because of how critical our board has been, we are excited to further empower and equip the work that they are doing by adding a few more seats to the table. 

In this space below we are inviting you to nominate someone (or, perhaps yourself) who you think has the capacity, competency, character, and commitment to help take our story further. While we do not have very many pre-requisites that will prevent people from being eligible for one of these seats, there are a few that we want to be clear about:

  1. Nominees must either already be members or are willing to become members, and thus commit to the “4 I’s” that ensure the health, wellbeing, and wholeness of our community.

  2. Nominees must subscribe to and affirm our Vision and Values, which guide us in our collective aim of seeing our vision flourish. 

While we want to encourage all who feel compelled to put forward a person in this process (or themselves), one of our prioritized aims in assembling this new board is to have a diversity of people at the table who can represent the diversity of the people in our community. In order for us to take seriously the work of inclusivity, it’s imperative that this work starts in the places where decisions are being made and directions are being taken.

When should all nominations be received by?

All nominations need to be received by March 10th, 2019. 

When will members vote on the different candidates?

Members will vote on a slate of candidates at our annual meeting, which will be held on May 19, 2019. Please understand that while all nominees will be met with by members of our current board and will be considered seriously, to attain the stated goal of moving into our next chapter with a diverse group to round out our current board, and taking into consideration the fact that we are only able to add a few new board members at this time, not all nominees will be presented to the church at large. After meeting with each nominee the board will put together the slate of candidates that they feel best reflects our community, and are most equipped to bring a voice and vision to the board that has yet to be brought.

Which leaders are already on this board?

Jennifer Karlen, Julie Eide, Phil Johnson, Jonathan Keller, Matt Moberg, Debbie Manning, Patti Kratzer, Rachel Garton


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